FD strategic function

A finance director’s role within a business involves far more than overseeing the cash flow of the business and ensuring all the checks and balances have been adhered to.

A good finance director will form a close working relationship with the managing director and other senior executives, to provide expert guidance and help formulate a strategic plan which maximises the firm’s finances and business performance.

By asking challenging questions and providing guidance on a company’s future plans, targets and business strategy, a financial director can be an effective person to have on your side. That said, many companies are not sufficiently large to justify having in place a full time finance director, or may be struggling to recruit the right person to join their team.

In such situations, the role of FD, for strategic purposes, can be outsourced.

At Salhan Fund Flow, we are able to provide an FD strategic function for your business. To find out more, please contact us.