Creating a good work-life balance – an entrepreneur’s guide

The idea of the work-life balance has been a hot topic for many years. With so many people working long hours and investing so much time and energy into their career, home life can suffer. Conversely, those who prioritise their time outside of the workplace may feel as if their careers are stalled. The work-life balance is the theoretical “just-right” combination of the professional and the personal. Many workers struggle to achieve this balance but it can be particularly difficult for business owners, those who are self-employed and entrepreneurs in general.

With this in mind, how can an entrepreneur create a good work-life balance?

Is it Possible?

The main question that most people ask about the work-life balance is, is it even possible? Short answer, yes, but maybe not in the way that you have been led to believe. Often, there’s an idea that with some quick fixes or secret cheat codes, you can achieve the perfect balance. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It’s only with dedication, continual readjustment and an understanding that you will make mistakes along the way, that some sort of balance can be found.

Specifically thinking about those who are self-employed or own their own business, what are some ways to improving your chance of the ideal work-life balance?


There’s a common misconception, probably because we use the word “balance”, that you should invest equal time between work and homelife. However, this just doesn’t make sense and attempting to do so, will most likely cause undue stress and fatigue. The truth is, everyone is different and will need to create their own version of a work-life balance. Not to mention, this may continually change, as different factors affect our day to day lives.

For example, if you’re working on a big project, you may need to invest more time into the office. Conversely, if you have a crisis at home, you may need to put work on the backburner. Don’t strive for an equal approach, instead go where you are needed and play it smart.


It can be difficult to switch off from the office, particularly for those who run their own business. When you’re the boss, you may feel the need to complete every task yourself but this will only add to your ever growing workload. If you can delegate work to someone else, then this is a good way to reduce pressure and allow you to invest time and effort into other ventures. Whether it’s financial processes such as bookkeeping, invoicing or data entry, or marketing tasks such as social media, relinquishing this work to someone else can be essential. Of course, not everyone has employees to delegate to but many companies are now outsourcing to other businesses.


One of the reasons why many workers feel as if their careers continually encroach on their personal lives is because of a lack of boundaries. Maybe you’re always checking work emails at home or taking phone calls at the dinner table. Maybe you’re allowing work hours to build up, eating into the time that you should be spending with loved ones? Create solid working hours and stick to them. Once the working day is over, try to avoid business activities, otherwise you may find that your home life suffers.

Take Breaks

Don’t be afraid to say no. You may be primed to accept every opportunity that comes your way but if its going to add too much undue stress, it’s not worth it. Those who are feeling overworked, under the weather or just generally frustrated should consider a break. Remember, your business is only as healthy as you are. However, you could also argue the opposite point- that you may need to invest more time into your business and will therefore need a break from responsibilities at home.

The perfect work-life balance can be difficult to achieve but with a mindful approach, you could get close. The life of an entrepreneur can be exciting but also stressful at times, investing as much effort in to your home life will provide relief, when work is particularly taxing.

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