Get your Business Ready for Christmas

For many of us, Christmas time can be equal parts exciting and stressful and businesses are no different. Whether it’s a change in branding, new or limited products, staff parties or holiday time, there are so many factors to consider during the festive period. However, Christmas also brings many opportunities. After all, many companies make most of their revenue during the final quarter of the year. Therefore, the Christmas period may involve more work but there’s also a greater potential for growth.

With this in mind, what’s the best way to prepare your business for Christmas?

Show Appreciation

The festive period is a great time to show appreciation, whether that’s for employees or customers. Many businesses will organise an office party or a staff night out. This doesn’t just allow employees to let their hair down, it’s also a great activity for organic team building. However, appreciation doesn’t have to end there, there are many other ways you can use this time of year to brighten up the office. Whether it’s decorations, casual clothes days, pizza deliveries or a simple pat on the back, it all helps.

Thanking clients and customers is a good way to build on existing relationships. You can send out physical or digital cards, gifts or special offers. However, a relatively simple way of showing appreciation, that won’t break the bank, can come in the form of a seasonal newsletter.

Festive Marketing

Marketing is important throughout the entire year but even more so during Christmas. Customers are bombarded with advertisements and special offers from countless brands and you don’t want to fall by the wayside. Adding a festive flair to your branding can help, even if it’s just a new header on the website or a revamped email template. Special offers are another tool that can attract customers who may be on the fence about a purchase. Something as simple as free delivery can have a positive effect on sales, especially during a time when customers are trying to save money.


The Boxing Day sale is one the busiest shopping days of the year. It can be easy to leave preparations until the last minute but that would be a mistake. Advertising your sale ahead of time will not only inform more potential customers, it will also build hype and excitement. There are also many logistic considerations, including which products or services will be in the sale and what discount will be offered. Boxing Day isn’t just a time in which you can make sales, it’s also an opportunity to introduce yourself to new customers and it’s only through preparation that you can guarantee success.

New Year

Christmas isn’t just a time for celebration, it’s also a time to look forward to the next year. In the business world, this means taking stock, ascertaining what is and isn’t working and making the relevant changes. Many businesses also start thinking about the upcoming tax season and all of the preparations that this entails. Whether its collecting evidence, organising invoices or settling debt.

For those who run a business, it can be difficult to switch off, even at Christmas. However, you can give yourself a head start by tackling necessary housekeeping, before leaving for the holidays. Whether this is booking appointments for the new year, scheduling video meetings or making orders, get it done ahead of time. Well earned down time will help to reduce stress and reenergise you for the new year.

Whether it’s accounts, taxes, Payroll, bookkeeping or any other aspect of business finance, the last quarter can be busy. Fortunately, the experts at Fund Flow have many years of experience in providing reliable accountancy services.

Fund Flow – Keeping your business finances flowing smoothly

If you’d like a bit of a helping hand this Christmas or even into the new year, don’t hesitate to contact Fund Flow.